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Multi questions form

A single question asks one question in one screen. However, in some cases you'll need to ask more questions on a specific matter. For example, when you need information about a party to an agreement, you normally need more information than just the 'company's name'. It allows you to create several fields related to the same entity.
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1. Create a new document automation wizard – intro

A document automation wizard guides the user through the process of the document creation, by presenting: -Dynamically selected questions (and possible answers), and -Adaptive clarification texts to explain the user in his native language how to best answer each question.
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3. Add variables

A variable is a field such as name, registration number, email address, number of shares etc. that should be included in the document. In the context of document automation, a variable is always an answer to a specific question in the questionnaire that should be placed somewhere in the document.
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4. Create Alternative Clauses

To help you customize your template, LegalUp allows you to define alternative wording options and insert the one that’s best for your document. That is what we call an "Alternative Clause".
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5. Add A Phrase

A phrase is a word, couple of words or a sentence that should be inserted to the document only under a certain condition.
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