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LegalUp is shaking up the contract automation market. Our team of lawyers and developers has created a white-labelled platform that is simple to use, yet sophisticated behind the scenes.

Create documents efficiently. Use your own content.

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Our Solution
With LegalUp, your document drafting will engage users, facilitate knowledge sharing and impress clients and business colleagues alike.

Simple input
Sometimes, the best ideas come from looking at a problem in a different way. With LegalUp, say goodbye to the days of ploughing through templates from beginning to end to create your document. Just answer the questions in your unique “CustomWizard”. Avoid the repetitive drafting, typing, cutting, pasting and adapting that comes with traditional document creation.
Sophisticated output
Continually creating documents manually from templates is inevitably time consuming, inefficient, repetitive and difficult to update. Get ahead of the game. The LegalUp platform converts manual document drafting into a fast, efficient, easy to use and yet accurate process. Our unique technology is intuitive and comprehensive, enabling the creation of sophisticated, dynamic documents to fit any scenario.
As simple as using building blocks
Our sophisticated algorithm creates a structured document using a “building-blocks” approach. Users respond to a set of predetermined questions that we help you to build. The system then builds the right “blocks” using your template content. The outcome? Dynamic documents that fit any circumstances, from simple drafting to complex, bespoke agreements.
Packed with features
We’ve kitted out the platform with a range of tools to maximise usability and functionality. The CustomWizard provides a handy reminder to cover all issues and reduces negligence risk. Users are aided by our Legal Tips, Business Tips and Dictionary. With our KnowledgeShare feature, you can capture, access and re-use additions made by your lawyers or business teams. And our RiskAlert traffic light system enables you to flag key risks in a visually effective way.
Capture your knowledge
The combined knowledge of your lawyers or legal team is one of your most important assets. You can use the opportunity of setting up your CustomWizard as a way to gather that knowledge together in one place. Once captured on the LegalUp platform, it will be readily accessible for the future and easy to update. And documents created by the system can still be revised or finessed by the user as much as they want.
Protect your IP
Our platform gets the best out of your content. We know how critical your content is to your business and we go the extra mile to protect your valuable intellectual property. We use cloud services and enhanced security protocols to act as gatekeepers. Subscribers have their own unique space on our system accessible only by authorised users that you select. And as an additional measure, users can simply download their document rather than store it on our system.
Enhance your brand
The LegalUp platform is a white-labelled, software-as-a-service technology that can be branded with your corporate logo and customised to suit your needs. Whether for internal or external use, it will feel as if it is part of your overall brand strategy. Users will find the platform readily accessible on desktop or on the go from tablets and mobiles.
Competitively priced
We know that a key question for you as a prospective customer is whether using the LegalUp platform meets your cost-benefit analysis. Our pricing structure is competitive and flexible, making LegalUp the natural choice for new and existing automation users alike.
Easy on-boarding
First, prepare.
We take your content and create your own CustomWizard - a series of questions, where the answers drive the document’s creation.
On your marks!
Your templates come alive with your CustomWizard - users are taken through the simple yet structured Q&A process.
Get set!
Users are guided through the process with our unique features that ease the process and act as a self-learning tool.
The LegalUp platform automatically creates the tailored document. Print it, send it, review it, finesse it – as you wish. It’s up to you.
See how LegalUp can provide a solution for you
LegalUp for Law Firms

We believe that law firms can use contract automation to enhance their offering, rather than viewing it as a threat to their business. So we have created an easy-to-use, efficient and competitively priced solution for law firms. Here’s how:

Your business
Law firms are people-based businesses operating to generate profit. LegalUp’s platform frees up more of your time to focus on high-end, value creation. It creates efficiencies regardless of how you bill clients. That improves profitability.
Your knowledge
We believe that a law firm’s key asset is the combined knowledge of its lawyers. LegalUp’s patent pending technology enables you to use your documents and your words, in a more efficient, user-friendly and innovative way.
Focus on objectives
We’ve reversed the standard concept of document creation - instead of taking a template and adjusting it to your client’s situation, users respond to simple, pre-determined questions to build a contract that meets objectives.
Our sophisticated algorithmic technology enables the creation of dynamic agreements to fit any situation. From the simplest legal documents to highly complex, multi-faceted agreements, LegalUp’s platform can manage limitless scenarios and options.
Users continually tell us that they find our CustomWizard simple to use. That’s how we designed it. Features such as Business Tips, KnowledgeShare and RiskAlert are added to meet the demands of our customers.
Future proof
Our unique ‘“drag and drop” system supports easy implementation of updates - whether from changes in the law, clients’ needs or developments in your firm’s knowledge. The feature additionally reduces the risk of knowledge loss associated with staff turnover.
As unique as you
Our white-labelled service additionally allows you to align our LegalUp platform with your firm’s corporate branding.
Security and accessibility
Our software-as-a-service platform operates using cloud-based technology to provide a secure and confidential solution. Or drop output to your own servers if you wish. Input and output are available on desktop, mobile and tablets in html or Word format for maximum accessibility.
Our solution is affordable and flexible, so it’s good for your firm’s bottom line yet facilitates cost savings for your clients. Subscription costs are driven by factors such as the number of contracts brought on board, their complexity and the number of users. We will work with you to create a pricing structure that meets your needs.
With lawyers on our team, we can readily help guide you through the on-boarding process. And as you’d expect, we provide technical and operational support to ensure you can meet – and beat – your client’s expectations.
Using LegalUp

We know that different law firms will want to use our platform in different ways. So we have created a range of options which you can pick and mix to suit your firm’s needs.

Internal use
A cost-effective, user-friendly tool enabling your lawyers to create accurate documents efficiently based on your internal know-how. Provide users with learning tools and guides, through our unique features including LegalTips, BusinessTips and Dictionary. Facilitate knowledge sharing by your lawyers with KnowledgeShare. Steer your lawyers to hone their advice to clients through RiskAlert.
Clients’ use
Email your firm’s branded CustomWizard to your clients, who are guided by the automated Q&A process we create with you. The LegalUp system then creates a first draft document for your review and further discussion with your client.
Marketing tool
Embed a CustomWizard button on your website, drawing prospective clients to your site and increasing workflow opportunities. Prospective clients use the CustomWizard themselves, then contact you directly for a consultation and legal review. Make this a free service or charge through Paypal.
Smart Legal Support

The LegalUp platform improves the way your business is supported by internal legal. Using the LegalUp platform can:

  • Enable your legal team to more readily meet the demands of internal clients, reducing bottlenecks
  • Ease reliance on internal legal by empowering business users to create documents using your own content
  • Facilitate an integrated and streamlined relationship between business colleagues
  • Speed up transaction and project times
  • Encourage consistency of output across the business
  • Make it easy to capture and access the combined knowledge within the business
  • Ultimately reduce legal spend.
LegalUp for Businesses

We have taken the concept of contract automation and created a solution for business. Create efficiencies in your legal team and empower your business colleagues to use legal documents with confidence. Here’s how:

Your business
We understand that internal legal support is critical, but revenue generation ultimately comes from your business output. Improving efficiencies in output from your legal team can directly impact on your ability to drive the business.
Maximize value
We know that many internal legal teams experience bottlenecks, being overloaded with repetitive work that can hinder their ability to operate swiftly. Our solution helps to relieve those pressures so that legal support is available when and where it is needed the most.
Your knowledge
We believe that your internal legal team knows your business needs best. LegalUp’s patent pending technology enables you to use your legal team’s documents and words, in a more efficient, user-friendly and innovative way.
Our sophisticated algorithmic technology is not a standard contract automation system. From the simplest legal documents to highly complex, multi-faceted agreements, LegalUp’s platform is adaptable to manage limitless scenarios and options.
Users continually tell us that they find our CustomWizard easy to use - they just respond to simple, pre-determined questions to build a contract that meets objectives. We’ve added unique features such as Business Tips, KnowledgeShare and RiskAlert to provide a comprehensive solution.
Allow business colleagues to prepare legal documents based on your internal legal team’s templates. There are numerous options to build appropriate checks and balances.
Think outside the box
The LegalUp platform operates in a wide range of scenarios. How about employment or severance terms? Investment or services agreements? Supply chain or distribution agreements? Licence agreements? Tenders? Talk to us about how we can make it work for you.
Future proof
Our unique ‘“drag and drop” system supports easy implementation of updates - whether from changes in the law, operational needs or developments in your legal team’s knowledge. Capture advances in your knowledge, yet maintain any contract standardisation aligned with your business strategy.
We know that sometimes it’s hard to ensure that all lawyers in your internal team adopt the same approach. When it comes to having a uniform approach to drive consistency, the LegalUp platform facilitates the creation of documents aligned with your corporate values.
Security and accessibility
Our software-as-a-service platform operates using cloud-based technology to provide a secure and confidential solution. Or drop output to your own servers if you wish. Input and output are available on desktop, mobile and tablets in html or Word format for maximum accessibility.
Our solution is affordable and flexible, so businesses can use it to generate efficiencies rather than adding to their legal spend. Subscription costs are driven by factors such as the number of contracts brought on board, their complexity and the number of users. We will work with you to create a pricing structure that meets your needs.
With lawyers on our team, we can readily help guide you through the on-boarding process. And as you’d expect, we provide technical and operational support to ensure you can meet – and beat – your expectations.
Using LegalUp

We know that different businesses will want to use our platform in different ways. So we have created a range of options which you can pick and mix to suit your business needs.

Support tool
Provide a cost-effective and user-friendly tool enabling your lawyers to create documents based on your internal know-how efficiently, yet accurately.
Engagement tool
Enable business colleagues to generate the first draft of documents, for subsequent review by internal legal. Equip them to identify relevant situation-specific information and to follow a detailed Q&A process designed to avoid communication problems.
Enabling tool
Take it a step further. Enable your business people to create their own, customized documents based on your templates and knowledge database. Business users simply respond to the questions in your CustomWizard, generate the document and seal the deal.
Publishers using LegalUp

Selected publishers, acting as intermediaries, can use the LegalUp platform to provide additional services to their clients, drive traffic to their website and create a new revenue stream.

Embed a link - we call it a “button” - on your website which enables your site visitors to click through to content on the LegalUp platform. The button will lead to one of LegalUp’s selected Wizards, a consumer-facing questionnaire that drives contract creation, specifically tailored for your website. Your users will be able to gain access to customized legal documents within a platform where they can be readily understood.

We are happy to discuss options with publishers or other intermediaries.

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Our vision

Talking about a revolution.
We’re lawyers who see a revolution gaining ground. The world of legal services provision is changing rapidly around us. We don’t see why lawyers should fear these changes – rather embrace them. But you need to be supported by the right technology, at the right price. That’s why we created LegalUp for law firms and business. Now is the time to use technology to enhance your offering.

Technology changes.
A new generation of business people is embracing the online world and want their legal service providers to do the same. There is a growing movement demanding easier, faster, more user-friendly, technology-based legal services at more affordable prices. We created LegalUp to enable users to meet these demands without undermining what we lawyers do best.

Structural changes.
We see structural changes in the legal market, such as consolidation through mergers, outsourcing, moves away from hourly rates charging structures – inevitable reactions to cost pressures from clients. Legalup’s contract creation solution enables law firms to be proactive in responding to those pressures. Subscribe to our platform to stay ahead of your competitors, focusing on what you do best, driving profitability and growing your business.

Being smarter.
Legal services are being commoditised. We don’t suggest that all legal services can be commoditised - far from it. But there is a smarter way of carrying out certain core contract creation work, without jeopardizing service delivery, profitability or your USP. Ignoring the trend risks burying your head in the sand.

Provide more, for less.
Many law firms and businesses already understand that contract automation technology can enhance their offering, rather than pose a threat to their business. Until now, pricing in particular has been a barrier to sophisticated systems being available to a wider audience. LegalUp’s platform brings to the market a competitively priced technology, designed by lawyers to improve legal services provision.

Innovation, not exasperation.
We see knowledge being lost and basic work being inefficiently repeated. We believe that technology can minimise repetitive work, whilst enhancing legal output and facilitating knowledge capture. Innovation can replace exasperation, without compromising your core services. LegalUp is the solution.

Our Team
Inbal Baumer, CEO
Attorney and entrepreneur, with nearly a decade of experience working as a commercial lawyer in Israel’s leading law firms. Experienced adviser to many local and international companies, particularly as a contract drafter and negotiator. Legalup is the realisation of Inbal's vision of the future of lawyering.
Jonathan Griffit, VP Product
Inventor & Entrepreneur, Jonathan started his first company at the age of 19 and has founded and managed several Internet and Mobile companies, as well as Gaming and AI. Jonathan consults in UX, UI & “outside the box” business models. LLB, MBA.
Rob Simmons, VP Business Development
Attorney with over 15 years' experience at global international firm Baker & McKenzie LLP and subsequently equity partner at boutique London firm Sacker & Partners LLP. Now a core member of the LegalUp team. An experienced legal adviser, business developer, negotiator and presenter.
Karni Chagall-Pfeferkorn, Adviser
Attorney admitted to the NY, CA and Israeli bars, holding an LLM from Stanford University Law School. Former attorney at Irell & Manella and S. Horowitz & Co. one of Israel’s leading law firms. Head of Strategic Affairs Division at Lexidale, a provider of comparative legal research and expert opinions regarding to foreign jurisdictions. Adviser to LegalUp.
William Weisel, Consultant
A member of the California and Israel Bars with over 35 Years’ experience. Served as general counsel and in senior management of four publicly-traded, multinational, hi-tech Israeli companies, including Scitex, Gilat Networks and Lumenis. He is a lecturer at the Haifa University Graduate School of Management and a legal affairs and marketing consultant for LegalUp.
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בשיתוף עם החברה הכלכלית
חבילת תיקון 13
פתרון דיגיטלי ייחודי שיוריד מכם את כאב הראש.

האם משרדכם ערוך כראוי להטמעה של תיקון 13 לחוק איסור הלבנת הון ?

לראשונה בישראל: ליגלאפ מספקת לכם מערכת חדשנית וייחודית המאגדת את כל הפתרונות להם אתם זקוקים בכדי לעמוד במלוא הוראות התיקון תוך זמן קצר, ולהקל על לקוחותיכם במילוי טפסים מורכבים.

לצפייה בסרטון:

אנחנו ב- LegalUp מאמינים בכוחה של הטכנולוגיה להנגיש טפסים, מסמכים ונהלים משפטיים, ברמה מעולה, לכולם.

אל תחכה לרגע האחרון כדי לעמוד בדרישות החוק!

למה אתם מחכים?

הנהלים של ליגלאפ נבנו על בסיס ייעוץ מקצועי של עורכי דין מהשורה הראשונה בישראל
בועז פינברג
שותף ומנהל מחלקת המיסוי ואיסור הלבנת ההון במשרד ZAG (זיסמן, אהרוני, גייר ושות׳)

"למחלקת איסור הלבנת הון ניסיון רב שנים בייצוג מוסדות שונים בהטמעה נכונה של הרגולציה הנוגעת לאיסור הלבנת הון ומימון טרור. בחודשים האחרונים המחלקה מסייעת למשרדי רואי חשבון ועורכי דין רבים בהטמעת הרגולציה החדשה החלה עליהם כנותני שירות עסקי, ומסייעת להם במתן פתרונות יעילים לצורך ניהול החובות המוטלות עליהם ולצורך ניהול סיכונים באופן חכם ואיכותי."
מה נותנת לכם החבילה:
טופס שנתפר עבור הלקוח
טפסי ״הכר את הלקוח״ מותאם לצרכים ולנסיבות הייחודיים של הלקוח. לא עוד שדות ריקים, מילוי קטגוריות לא רלוונטיות ו״בזבוז״ זמן בהסברים חוזרים ללקוחות
ליגלאפ מאפשרת לכם להתייעל כדי להשקיע את זמנכם ומרצכם בעבודה שלקוחות משלמים עבורה
אפקט הרושם
במקום להציף את לקוחותיכם בטפסים משמימים, הרשימו את לקוחותכם בממשק טכנולוגי מתקדם
שימוש בכל מקום ומכל מכשיר
ניתן לצפות בשאלות ובטפסים בצורה ברורה בכל מקום ומכל מכשיר, גם בסלולאר ובטאבלט
תיעוד אוטומטי של הפרוצדורה מקל את נטל ההוכחה בעת ביקורות, ומאפשר להמנע מסנקציות
האשף לעורכי הדין מדריך אותם לבצע את כלל החובות מכח הרגולציה, באופן יסודי אך מהיר.
פנה אלינו

או פנה אלינו ב 050-7000327

לחבילת תיקון 13 לחוק
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