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Seamlessly create customized legal documents
based on your own content.

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A powerful growth tool for law firms

Internal Use

A tool for Lawyers to develop accurate documents based on the firms patterns and knowledge. By using LegalUps service you are saving 80% of time, on average, to create a legal document.

Growth tool

 Give the customer a unique value on your website. Convey innovation by using LegalUp’s platform free of charge at the beginning of your “client journey”, and allow your real expertise to come into play in the more complex tasks.   

Customer Usage

Are you required to collect data from your client in order to create a document for them? Instead of collecting the data, send them a digital questionnaire guiding them in all the factual data they must provide you. 

“LegalUp’s KYC solution has simplified a cumbersome process for our clients. Upon implementing the solution we were especially impressed by the professional and forthcoming approach of the team that worked with us to meet our firm’s needs”.

Neil Stowe, Partner

Goldfarb Seligman & Co.

LegalUp helps you to speed up drafting.

LegalUp’s software transforms your complex, repetitive legal documents into automated smart wizards that intelligently incorporate your firm’s knowledge and best practices. Say goodbye to the days of ploughing through your files to find the proper wording to cut/paste into a document. Instead, use LegalUp to quickly answer your digital questionnaire. LegalUp’s “smart wizard” will then update all sections to automatically create a perfect tailor-made document.

“LegalUp’s user friendly interface guides our lawyers through some internally required procedures, based on our own know-how and experience. All is done in an efficient but very comprehensive manner.”

Adi Nahmias Twina, CEO

Gornitzky & Co.

You are in a good company.

Companies of all shapes and sizes use LegalUp to engage users,
facilitate knowledge sharing and impress clients.

Tel Aviv Municipality

Who can benefit from LegalUp?

Any size law firm

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Law firms can benefit from contract automation. Here are some examples of those already onboard:

  • A four person employment law firm that handles repetitive contracts, such as employment agreements, severance and relieve agreements, employees handbooks etc.
  • A real estate law firm that handles a lot of repetitive real estate contracts.
  • A fast growing law firm that is seeing a wide variation in the quality of agreements and wants to institutionalize best practices/knowledge.
  • A smaller, nimble law firm that wants to compete against the large firms, differentiating its services by showing they use our cutting-edge technology to match (or even beat) the larger firms’ capabilities.
  • A software technology law firm that handles a lot of Master Service Agreements (MSAs), Statements of Work (SOW), employment/stock options agreements, etc.
  • A law firm that is responding to pressure from clients to move to fixed fee arrangements instead of traditional from billable hours.

Business users

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Sales or procurement teams in organizations can use our contract automation software to create customized contracts for their clients quickly and easily. By automating your existing templates, users will generate all contracts based on an approved set of “fall-back clauses” to minimize risk and improve efficiency. Negotiation can also be simplified by automation to present an overview of all the approved parameters and clauses they are able to negotiate.

In-house councel

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Legal departments can centralise and streamline their work through automation. Effective contract creation increases standardisation, minimizes risk and reduces bottlenecks.

For instance, a legal department of a software technology firm can use automation to more efficiently generate Master Service Agreements (MSAs), Statements of Work (SOW), employment/stock options agreements, etc.

Legal Biz Dev teams

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Business development teams within law firms can use contract automation to provide more innovative online services to clients and prospects, or to showcase their abilities. LegalUp’s unique online wizards can be embedded in any new or existing website, web campaign, clients portal, minisite or other online platform.

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