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 Dave Lampert video – are lawyers shooting themselves in the foot by adopting legal technology?

We initiated a set of interviews about lawyers, technology and innovation trends in the legal world.

Our first guest is Dave Lampert, a former president of HotDocs America and advisory board to LegalUp.

In this chapter Mr. Lampert is being asked about the concern of lawyers that adopting technologies might eventually make them redundant.

Mr. Lamper explains that instead of being afraid to lose their jobs, smart lawyers should be thankful that  technology helps them complete their job in a more efficient manner. Only if they will make themselves more efficient, strive for excellence and emphasize their value-added capabilities they will strive in the future. Technology helps lawyers focus on the high value matters, where their experience and judgment counts, while the simpler, mundane task to be automated.

Mr. Lampert argues that no one becomes a lawyer to repetitively draft, format and finalize legal documents and that lawyers can only benefit from LegalTech focus on what they are really good at.

Stay tuned to the next talk