A powerful growth tool for law firms

LegalUp combines marketing & contract automation in a powerful growth tool for law firms.
Answering real needs, providing true value

 Case Studies:

Shibolet – A leading global law firm with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, has chosen LegalUp to develop a dedicated website named “Jumpstart” that enable start-ups and emerging companies to create self-service, customized legal contracts using easy-to-use, AI cloud-based technology.

Ehrlich – A leading IP firm Ehrlich Group recently introduced a fully automated artificial
intelligence system providing “wizards” which allow inventors and entrepreneurs in various fields of technology to define their inventions and to check the legal status of their R&D

APM & Co

APM – Leading and technology-oriented law firm APM launched a unique self-service online portal to empower clients and prospects by giving them the ability to create customized agreements.

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