Easy onboarding of your clients

A web platform that is simple to use, yet sophisticated behind the scenes to address complex regulations implementation, such as AML / KYC

Create ‘smart’ customer-facing
digital wizards

Easily incorporate your
legal advisors’ knowledge

Reduce errors

Eliminate delays

Successfully navigate AML/KYC

  • An online customer onboarding tool that streamlines the collection of AML/KYC forms.
  • Mitigates the risk of user errors and invalid forms.
  • Guidance – helpful instructions and relevant examples.
  • The output: a validated signed form the requester can use to efficiently meet the regulatory burden.
  • Seamless flow of data to the organization’s CRM.

Our key features

  • Enabling tool – Clients will effectively complete forms online, instead of undertaking a multiple stages manual process
  • Make it yours – incorporate your own branding, logo and corporate colors
  • Simplicity – Our platform is extremely user friendly and intuitive
  • Secure – Data is encrypted, securely transmitted to clients and deleted from LegalUp’s systems upon request
  • Guidance– Providing users with legal tips, examples and a handy dictionary
  • Knowledge sharing – Capture, access, re-use and share with clients your legal department’s comments and clarifications
  • Responsive – Accessible to desktop users and on-the-go from tablets and mobiles

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