Empowering the customer experience 

LegalUp’s Platform provides you quick and easy communication with your customers.  Interactive digital documents, digital signature and a lot more.

LegalUp identify the trend in the legal field – improve customer experience, where technology plays a significant role in this process.

Our core principles:

Quick and Easy

legalUp’s software was developed specifically to provide an easy and intuitive experience in order fill out even the most complex documents. The tool used by customers, enables them to feel safe and calm in the legal process, which is sometimes perceived as complex and deterring.

Any Place – Any Time

LegalUp allows you to send a link to your customers, which will link on any device to the relevant forms filling stage.  The client can progress independently without the need to accompany the lawyer or his availability.  Free from smeared meetings, phone calls and unnecessary frustration for both sides.

“It’s 2019 and we do not fear the tendency of technology to reduce hours, nor to replace us. We focus on strategic and high value services, while tech enabled tools can do more common tasks, even when our attorneys are asleep”

Roy Melzer, Patent attorney and Adv

Partner at Ehrlich Group

LegalUp Features

“Know Your Customer” form

According to the regulations, the lawyer must carry out a risk transfer for money laundering in relation to any “business service” he provides.

Employment Agreement

Send the customer a digital questionnaire for entering information on the type of employee and the type of employment.

privacy policy

A smart and tailored questionnaire on the topic of collecting this data from all the relevant functions in the organization.

Confidentiality Agreement

Send the customer a digital questionnaire to create a confidentiality agreement that is fully tailored to their transaction needs.


A range of options which you can pick and mix to suit your firm’s needs

✔ Internal use

Your lawyers create accurate documents efficiently based on your internal know-how. LegalUp’s platform serves as a guidance tool and facilitates knowledge sharing.

✔ Clients’ use

Your clients are guided by the automated Q&A process to create their custom first draft. Used to reduce bottlenecks and impress clients.

✔ Marketing tool

Use LegalUp’s platform online to draw prospective clients to your site and increase workflow opportunities.

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