Goodbye “Copy-Paste”. Hello LegalUp

Improves the way your business is supported by internal legal

Smart Legal Support

Empower business teams to use legal documents with confidence

We know that many internal legal teams experience bottlenecks, being overloaded with repetitive work that can hinder their ability to operate swiftly.
Our legal documents automation solution helps to relieve those pressures so that legal support is available when and where it is needed the most.

Our core principles:

Your business

We understand that internal legal support is critical, but revenue generation ultimately comes from your business output. Improving efficiencies in output from your legal team can directly impact on your ability to drive the business.

Your knowledge

We believe that your internal legal team knows your business needs best. LegalUp’s patent pending technology enables you to use your legal team’s own documents and words, in a more efficient, user-friendly and innovative way.

LegalUp: the Benefits


Allow business colleagues to prepare legal documents based on your internal legal team’s templates, with numerous options to build checks and balances.

Reduce Bottleneck

Enable your legal team to more readily meet the demands of internal clients and speed up transaction and project times.

Guidelines and Training

With experienced lawyers on our team, we can readily help guide you through the on-boarding process.

Competitively priced

Our solution is affordable and flexible, so it’s good for your firm’s bottom line yet facilitates cost savings for your clients.


Different businesses use our platform in different ways:

✔ Support tool

Internal lawyers create bespoke documents based on internal know-how efficiently, yet accurately.

✔ Engagement tool

Business colleagues generate first draft following a detailed Q&A process, for subsequent review by internal legal.

✔ Enabling tool

Business users simply respond to LegalUp’s platform questions, generating customized documents and seal the deal.


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