Scale your legal wisdom

From the simplest legal documents to highly complex, multi-faceted agreements,
LegalUp’s platform can manage limitless scenarios and options.

At LegalUp we believe that law firms can use contract automation to enhance their offering,
rather than viewing it as a threat to their business

Our core principles:

Your business

Law firms are people-based businesses operating to generate profit. LegalUp’s platform frees up more of your time to focus on high-end, value creation. It creates efficiencies regardless of how you
bill clients.

Your knowledge

We believe that a law firm’s key asset is the combined knowledge of its lawyers. LegalUp enables you to use your documents and your words, in a more efficient way. It reduces the risk of knowledge loss associated with staff turnover.

LegalUp Features

Guidelines and Training

With experienced lawyers on our team, we can readily help guide you through the on-boarding process.

Competitively priced

Our solution is affordable and flexible, so it’s good for your firm’s bottom line yet facilitates cost-savings for your clients

Future proof

Easy implementation of updates – whether from changes in the law, clients’ needs or developments in your firm’s knowledge.

As unique as you

Our white-labelled service additionally allows you to align our LegalUp platform with your firm’s corporate branding.


A range of options which you can pick and mix to suit your firm’s needs

✔ Internal use

Your lawyers create accurate documents efficiently based on your internal know-how. LegalUp’s platform serves as a guidance tool and facilitates knowledge sharing.

✔ Clients’ use

Your clients are guided by the automated Q&A process to create their custom first draft. Used to reduce bottlenecks and impress clients.

✔ Marketing tool

Use LegalUp’s platform online to draw prospective clients to your site and increase workflow opportunities.

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