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“Inbound Marketing”- why is it crucial for every law firm to know this term?

The fact that you lawyers are reading this article on advertising proves that there is a huge alteration in lawyers’ attitude towards marketing. Today, unlike the past, the importance that lawyers give to marketing, advertising and business development has risen much controversy.

Strong  trend of shifting to online marketing amongst lawyers

In addition, even the platform in which lawyers choose to advertise themselves has changed. According to a survey published in “the marker”, lawyers reported on an 80% increase in advertising on online media and internet platforms as opposed to the newspaper and printed media platforms. The transitional trend from offline advertising and online advertising is a renowned trend and exists additionally in other areas. However, in the legal world this trend is much stronger.

According to the survey, there is an overall decrease of 9% in the offline advertising market in the years 2013-2014. On the contrary, there is a 24% increase in the online internet advertising world in the years 2013-2014. Combined the research above, we can see that in the legal world there was an 80% growth in online advertising compared to 24% growth in the general market.







Inbound Marketing

In the current competitive climate, “Inbound Marketing” has become a widely used buzzword. 

This technique is fundamentally different from the classical outbound strategy.  

How is the “Inbound” content strategy different?

Inbound Marketing is in the center of the customer, trying to figure out the following questions: who is the targeted customer? What are his needs?

When it comes to analyzing the needs of the target audience, Inbound Marketing strategy emphasizes the relevant service and advertising that is required.

However, the main difference is reflected on additional shared needs by the target audience without direct connection to the advertising service.

The focus of this strategy is the fact that our client’s journey does not start with his search for one ultimate service. Our clients journey begins much earlier, long before he even knows what service is required, and concludes after purchasing as an ambassador and a community member.

The Inbound Marketing strategy distinguishes between several distinct personas. For each persona there is a layout of the various stages in the client’s  journey of that persona and provide for each stage a suitable call for action.

HubSpot as a case study

A good example for using the inbound marketing strategy is HubSpot. The company specializes in Developing advanced, advertising and marketing management platforms which are expensive. The company chose to reach its target audience by offering a CRM system.

This is based on the understanding that the target audience is relevant to the (expensive)

Inbound Marketing strategy and is also in need of a CRM system at an earlier stage. Therefore,  the company’s “client journey” with the target audience begins early by offering a solution to the problem at no cost. This creates a trust in the company and the continued journey to acquire a customer is much simpler.

Marketing the services of a law firm

Marketing legal services of  law firms is a complex issue:

  • there are many limitations under regulations,
  • the variety of the marketing messages are very limited,
  • legal online marketing cannot convey really “cool” innovative messages.

Frankly, Legal and law firm advertising is quite boring.

Applying the Inbound Marketing strategy in the legal field generates creative and innovative ideas. This sharpens our understanding that the first encounter with our client should be when I call him for a free value. This means that the beginning of my relationship with the potential client is not focused on me but on him.

It is much easier to advertise and promote a real and tangible value to the customer rather than only a “worthwhile” or “quality” service.

Use of “LegalTech” as a tool to apply Inbound Marketing

As we know, the Legalup software is used as an efficient tool to preserve knowledge. Such use is an internal organization system which allows lawyers to create their legal documents in an efficient way, while using “know how”.

Legal up provides a unique marketing tool for platform for law firms that enables implementation of the Inbound Marketing strategy in an innovative manner.  

Exactly like HubSpot, those law firms can offer their target audience tangible value around real needs and occasionally early on in their journey become a client.

Legalup is a tool for law firm marketing which creates unique digital wizards to create legal documents on Legalup’s website or on a new dedicated site.

Some examples:

The law firm “Shibolet’s” website – Jumpstart

Ehrlich & Fenster suggest wizards

All these Wizards Are based on LEGLUP’s technology and give significant value to the customers.

In order for a client to receive the document, he must leave his details and in that moment the office got a very warm hand and in addition the customer received a free value. The next meeting will be more businesslike and familiar.

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