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How are lawyers actually using online advertising today?

With an astounding figure of  93 percent of people searching online for products and services, it is imperative for legal professionals to claim space in the virtual real estate. [Source]


And indeed, with the increase in internet penetration, there has been palpable shift in the mode of advertisement by lawyers – from traditional media like newspapers, radios, and televisions to marketing online.

Lawyers: heavy users of Google Adwords

Law firms marketers are heavy users of sponsored online research in search engines. A study on paid Google keywords conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform in association with Campaign Media Analysis Group found that the most searched keywords are actually legal terms:

  • 9 out of the top 10 searched after keywords were legal terms, and
  • 23 of the top 25 were legal terms!


 “Lawyer” is the no. 4 world most expensive keywords

We see that the strategy of advertising through Google, based on keywords (Google Adwords) is very popular among lawyers, and as a result the cost per click for a legal term is astonishingly high. The word “Lawyer” is number 4 in the World’s most expensive keywords on Google Adwords advertising, with an average per click price of $54.86.


One of the most expensive keywords in the world is “truck accident lawyer houston” with a price per click on 2017 of $389.25.


 This is a saturated market. What’s next?

With the advancement of sophisticated technology in the legal field like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and legal documents automation, the arena of legal marketing will become more diverse than ever, providing lawyers with novel ways of communicating with their potential and existing clients and showcasing their abilities and innovative attitude.



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