2. Create the questionnaire

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In LegalUp’s plug-in -> In the ‘Question’ tab – create the questions that will form the user facing questionnaire:

Add a question

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new question

  • Select whether the question is a single question (for one question per each screen) or a multiple question form (for multiple questions per each screen). Note that the default is set on a single question.

Learn more on Multiple question form – here

Create the Question Title

Create a short, 1-2 words title to your question, such as ‘Name’

Insert the question text

Type the question, such as ‘What is the Company’s name’?

Type explanation text

Select a question type

Select one of the following types:

Single-line text box

An open field to be inserted by the user.

Single-line text box example:


Multiple choice (checkbox)

Checkbox question pre-defines a set of answers from which the user can select a few answers (i.e. more than one answers is possible) by clicking ✓

Multiple choice (radio buttons)

A radio buttons question present the user with a few options from which he can choose only one.

Multiple choice (dropdown)

A dropdown question presents the user with many options from which he can choose only one. It is recommended to use dropdown questions instead of radio button questions where there is a longer list of possible answers.

A Party Question

A party question enables the user to choose first whether the applicable entity is an individual or a corporation when answering a specific question. The different fields in this question will vary based on whether the entity is an individual or a corporation. Similarly, the text shown in the generated document can vary depending on whether the entity is an individual or a company.


Date questions

for which the answer is a certain date

Attachment questions

Enables the user to upload files. When the user will finish answering the questionnaire, he will be able to download the generated document + the file he uploaded.

Question condition

Learn more how to insert a pre-condition to a question

Test drive your questionnaire


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