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Shiboleth & Co. and Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co (“APM”) Partner With LegalUp To Launch Self-Service Legal Document Websites  

July 12, 2018

New York and Tel Aviv, July 12th, 2018 – Shiboleth & Co. and Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co (“APM”), two leading global law firms with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, have chosen LegalUp Ltd to develop dedicated websites that enable start-ups and emerging companies to create self-service, customized legal contracts using easy-to-use, cloud based technology.

Although Israel is well known for its technology innovation, until recently the use of software to automate the drafting of legal contracts was not widely adopted.  Improvements in the user-friendliness of cloud-based solutions, combined with improvements in security and performance are driving substantial changes in the legal tech industry.

Shiboleth and APM chose to invest in their websites to provide additional value to the business community who they serve.  Using their enhanced websites, companies can now create numerous business agreements that have been automated using easy-to-use wizards to enable self-service drafting of numerous legal agreements for their own use, including Mutual and Unilateral NDA agreements, Founder’s Agreements, Articles of Association, Services Agreements and more.

Inbal Baumer, CEO of LegalUp CEO stated, “We are proud to lead a revolutionary shift in the way law firms are providing their services using technology. Law firms are starting to acknowledge that their competitive advantage should be in providing high value-added services in the most cost effective manner, where experience, judgment and expertise have a significant weight. The launching of these sites is revolutionary – unlike pre-canned documents downloaded from the Internet, the public can now produce legal documents highly customized to their own needs, based on reputable law firms’ knowledge and expertise.”

About LegalUp:

LegalUp is a global provider of leading edge, internet-based legal contract and document automation software that helps lawyers, law firms and corporate law departments become more cost effective, efficient and profitable.

LegalUp was engineered from the ground up to run on a modern, secure SaaS platform to automate the most complex of contracts and legal agreements. It provides an extremely friendly user interface to ensure rapid adoption, quick start implementation and ongoing support from trained attorneys and experienced technical staff, and highly competitive pricing.

LegalUp is currently used by thousands of lawyers, law firms and global companies to automate complex, repetitive legal contracts and documents.

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