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General Information

When you enable LegalUp’s add-in, it adds new features to your Word program that help create your own legal documents automation workflows, thus increase your productivity and streamline your legal work.

Note : The installation of LegalUp’s Add-in only apply to Microsoft Word version 2016 and up.

 Get LegalUp’s add-in 

In Microsoft office 2016 and up:

  1. Click Insert>Add-ins>Get Add-ins.
  2. In the Office Add-ins box, browse for LegalUp’s add-in, or search for it by using the Search box. Then, click Add.

Signing Up

  1. Click Insert>Add-ins>My Add-ins<LegalUp Add-in.
  2. You’ll notice that LegalUp’s add-in was added to your Word upper bar.

3. Double-click on it to sign up.  Sign up by typing your email address and password you choose.

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